Online Casino Games Guide

Poker game is one of the popular casino games in all over the world. As long as you follow the age requirements for the state of Arkansas, you can play safely and worry-free at any of the online gambling sites we have provided for you. Now we won’t bubble wrap you too much, should you wish to experience real money slot machines then make sure you review the casinos that offer those eye-catching casino free no deposit bonuses” which are fully certified by the right regulators, most notably the UK gambling commission, before you register and play for real. Derick Madison wins adequate knowledge on new bingo sites , since he has been taking part in online bingo games for years.
Video games is one of the more popular ones and I think has to certainly be the most popular amongst the different types of games (ie. Total hand values are 0 to 9 because ten is subtracted from any total of more than 9. If the player has 4-9-3, the total of 16 becomes 6, by dropping the first digit. It is very important to always check on the payout rates of every single slot machine you decide to play and most importantly, you must check on this before choosing a slot machine. Pass or don’t pass and come or don’t come are the basics, and some players also like place bets on 6 or 8 despite a slightly higher house edge just so they can get the most frequently rolled non-7s working for them.
When the player takes this action they place an additional bet equal to their initial bet and will receive only one further card. It’s on the rare occasion that seeing the cards would affect the way I set my hand. By adopting an optimal pai-gow poker strategy, you will see the house have and advantage of approximately 2.5 percent, which is at the lower end of the scale when it comes to casino games. Some of the largest gambling cities like Macau and Las Vegas has enormous hotel-casino resorts with hundreds of rooms and enormous gaming floors.
Of course there are no guarantees when playing video poker, but a casino with this type of activity gives you a better chance of finding a machine that will pay. With this offer you get a set amount of time to play in the online casino for free. The Palace Station Hotel and Casino is strategically located near the famous Las Vegas strip. Welcome to the world of modern slot games, with a breath-taking design and captivating music- where every detail matters. While Australians only have land-based casinos and roulette as an option for the time being, at least many of the online world’s strides forward are being used in licensed brick and mortar venues to some degree.
The slot games with bonus features attract many players because the games are convenient and easy to adapt. Người chơi muốn có được lợi thế cạnh một sòng bạc cần phải tìm đúng bảng và đúng tiền thưởng và khuyến mại, sau đó chơi với chiến lược hoàn hảo. It will be a dream come true if you can play in USA casinos. Apple ‘failing to protect Chinese factory workers’ – BBC News takes a few minutes and you are ready to play bingo in no time. Play like the dealer: The house knows the odds better than anyone, so if I play like him and simply hit every hand 16 or under and stand on 17 or better (including soft hands), I should be able to win as often as he does, right?.
Ngoài ra còn có sự đầu hàng muộn, bạn có thể làm sau khi đại lý kiểm tra xem họ có 21 hay không. One player, Yukie Taniguchi, a 30-year-old computer graphics researcher, fed 100 yen coins into the machine to get credit in the form of the steel balls costing four yen each, which poured out like liquid precious metal into the tray protruding from the front. Both veteran and novice players will enjoy learning, practicing and improving their slot-gaming skills before playing for real money on casino sites. Everything in this chapter (and the rest of Blackjack Super-System) is the complete opposite of what the casino wants you to do. Manage your money perfectly!
The object of the game, in the most simplistic terms, was to fire balls that will then fall through a maze of metal pins. A VLT is similar to a slot machine , in that each terminal is a stand-alone device containing a random-number generator. There’s many different forms of Roulette—from the classic versions of European, French and American, to enhanced and unique versions that can only be played online. Most are now using bonuses to entice new players and experienced players from other websites. Generally, this move is born of the desire to give players enough time to try the games, so that they keep coming back.

Roulette Betting Strategies

Although the player demographic in the UK is slightly different to that of the US and Canada, in that they are not in it for the win, as our North American counterparts are. When the player and dealer both have a pair, the higher-ranked pair wins. At Planet 7 we take your privacy seriously when you play for real money. Huge jackpot prizes are now on offer to be won for bingo players online, plus free bingo bonuses upon registration and bonuses on all deposits that are made and these are available for players by most of the best UK online bingo sites. In the recent years the currency bonuses have been rising but so have the limitations of playing these games. As long as you are not aware of your Perception of Reality you might harm your relationship without even knowing and acknowledging that you do. The reason is simple: your thoughts, feelings, expectations, reactions and behaviors are controlled by your Perception of Reality.
The Review stated a range of estimates for in-play betting expenditure by Australian consumers. The rankings in each of the hands are that of regular poker, the highest ranking two-card hand being a pair of Aces, and the highest ranking five-card hand being five Aces (using the Joker as a fifth Ace). Throughout skrill  with Aspers Casino Online, you will also be showered with numerous other juicy bonuses and promotions. The Referee gets a bonus when he or she registers an account at the casino and mentions the Referrer.
Otherwise, the terminology is being loosely adapted to how video gambling machines of various classes work. These are always listed and explained in the T’s & C’s of each individual casino that you will play at. When you make a withdrawal your gameplay is always checked, so if you have broken any of the T’s & C’s during your play through requirement, then the casino have the right to void any winnings that you have made from your bonus. Almost all of the best online casino websites will have newsletters that pop up when you first log onto the website or announcements on their home pages that point out all of the feature promotions.
Right here are couple of fantastic Naruto video games that you simply ought to possess a style of. Many of the casinos are family-friendly destinations with all-ages entertainment and child care facilities so the parents can gamble while the children play in a safe and supervised environment. Instead of trying to get 21, try to guess what hand the dealer will receive and accordingly play your hand. Until recently small entrepreneurs had no chance of getting into the gambling industry, because of huge capital investments, gaming license acquisitions and legal red tape.
However, these cases are rare, and a player will never be making a big mistake if he never play a full house behind. These games have been played for generations and are fun for the whole family, as well as the kids. In Texas Hold’em, the hand ranking values range from high card (having the highest single un-paired card on the table) to the ultimate poker hand, the royal flush. Sites like and demonstrate the popularity for online gambling games and sites in recent years. The House Edge of the combination of Pass Line and Pass Odds bets will be discussed below.
There are lot of online casinos that offer exciting welcome or reload bonuses and promotions to their new (or existing) casino players, almost all of them have a playthrough policy (so-called wagering requirement). Second, of game play are reflected on hard meters and in electronic form which are stored locally within each VLT and the CMS. Nếu bạn nhấn jackpot hoặc có một vệt đẹp (quy tắc ngón tay cái của bạn là bạn đã đạt 10 lần số tiền ban đầu) – đó là thời gian để tiếp tục. You can play at the mobile version of any offshore based casino, there are no limitations.
When a Point is made, make the maximum Odds bet allowed on the Pass Line. These measures should see a reduction in the number of offshore operators providing services to Australians and associated adverse effects on the local wagering, sports and racing industries, consumers, problem and at risk gamblers, and government. Second, you need to complete signing up or registering at the online casino that is offering the bonus. Most video machines display the pay table when the player presses a “pay table” button or touches “pay table” on the screen; some have the pay table listed on the cabinet as well.

Online Casino FAQ

If you want to learn tips on how to win at slot machines, then read this. In Kenya, online sports betting takes the cake in terms of popularity, but casino games are becoming more and more popular as Internet accessibility expands. All players must let the third wager ride. This will help you to reduce the size of your to-do list, by eliminating all the unnecessary clutter from it, prioritise only the most important activities in designated time slots each day and then focus on completing each prioritised task as smoothly as possible. Betting on the player gives the House a 1.24 percent edge.
One ace and one 10 card or jack card automatically mean 21, so remember that going into the game. The Avant Dernier system can be quite successful in those game sessions where the winning hand fluctuates between the player and the banker. In the example above, the stickman is letting players know that the next roll is a come-out and is urging bets on the hard ways; the one-roll proposition on craps or 11 (C and E); the one-roll bet on the field of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12; and on the one-roll bet on 11 (yo, or yo-leven).
Players may ‘stand’ (i.e, not draw an additional card) where their cards total 12 or more. BetOnline really look after their loyal players well, you’ll enjoy bonuses or promotions of one kind or another on every game you play. First of all, remember that what type of online casino game that you are playing will determine your chances at winning. Attempts to cover all possible matters that may need to be addressed would produce lengthy, technical legislation which may still provide insufficient flexibility to deal with changes to the types of events that are gambled on, the places in which gambling may occur, and the technology used to provide gambling services.
Not even for a minimum bet, you can join the ranks of slot game players around the world or even in your local neighborhood. You probably know one or two of these people (perhaps you can even look in the mirror to get a good look at one.) This type of poker snob thinks that the game of poker absolutely must be played in a room of living, breathing people, with opponents seated across the table close enough to touch. The benefit for the Oak Lawn Children’s Museum from 6 to 10 p.m. April 21 will have entertainment-only games (no money exchanged) such as roulette, blackjack and craps plus a silent auction with mobile bidding, an open bar and buffet.
Due to this fact, the choice among slots games can be overwhelming with dozens of new games introduced every week to cater to players’ every whim. Blackjack wins on 7 or 11; loses on 2, 3 or 12; and if any other number is rolled, then the wager is moved to that number. Even if the controversial recent legislation apparently forbidding online gambling is found wanting, for a US citizen, trying out new casinos and sportsbooks is probably not a good idea since some unscrupulous operators would undoubtedly use the cover of the legal climate to justify confiscating deposits and winnings.
Your ability is measured against the same criteria in every game, how high you score in the amount of time provided, or before you use up all of your turns (for example the fixed number of balls provided during skeeball). In this case, $100 of the $500 wagered on these non-slot games would count toward clearing the casino bonus. Simply learning the ropes of the game is enough to get one started, however, devoting a few hours to attaining the basic strategies of card prediction and card counting is the key to having a higher payout and a better grasp of the more advanced techniques.
Europaplay Online Casino running on the Playtech platform is one, and the bitcoin accepting mBit Casino is another. At any mortar and brick casino the blackjack players usually do not have an alternative to play without any cost. free promo code here ‘s because GTbets features daily sports betting lines , action on all of the major horse races , and over 160 casino games. In a highly competitive online gaming world, players are constantly being bombarded by a variety of tempting promotional deals, be it deposit bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, or some other kind of freebie.
A player hand with a total of 13 through 16 should stand if the dealer shows a 2 up to 6, but should hit if the card is 7 and above. From the bright, running neon bulbs to friendly dealers and great value, the traditional Vegas experience is still alive and well in downtown Las Vegas’ Favorite Hotel & Casino – Plaza. All players haven’t got a similar ‘profile’: some like table games, others lay massive bets, others prefer to value additional highly choose to play more freely. Some casinos will void your bonus and winnings if you try to withdraw the money at one go. If you need help in determining the amount you need to wager, we recommend that you have a look at CasinoTop10’s Bonus Calculator, where you’ll be able to input the values representing the deposit amount, percentage deposit bonus, wagering amount and game contribution percentage.
Thus, one key advantage to the dealer is that the player goes first. In this fun version of online video poker winning becomes a hell of a lot easier as the deuces become wild card. Inetbet offers the chance to play for money or to play for free to players worldwide (including bettors in the US). Free Spins – when it comes to slots, Free Spins is a kind of bonus play that is usually triggered by landing scatter symbols. Gambling enterprises wishing to be licensed in Curacao must be registered with the Netherlands Antilles Chamber of Commerce and designated as either an on or offshore legal entity.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD And ADHD) Articles

When it comes to winning at online slot , there are going to be many people who claim there is just no way to better your odds. You see, the casinos depend on, and capitalize on the play of the recreational and habitual gambler. You can also achieve winning slot machines easily if you set a win limit. The slot games have advanced gradually and have improved the quality and performance of the games.
Players that hit huge wins can have up to 1,000 credits paid out by the machine, while larger wins need to be paid out by a slot attendant. Now, depending on the number of deposits made and bonuses given each player will be entitled to different comps. dino empire game overturned a 1992 federal law under which betting on baseball, basketball, football, and other sports was legal only in Nevada.
Getting one number out of thirty-eight can be a long shot for any roulette player. Gambling ads: Would a pre-watershed ban protect young people? would be if you played perfectly and also learned how to count cards as you actually could get a slight advantage. The thrill of watching the spinning red and black Roulette wheel has long served to grip many avid gamblers around the globe for hundreds of years.
A person can be involved in gambling whenever he receives the opportunity of losing money, and when winning or losing is finalized by chance. To find the free games on a casino website, just look for a practice mode or demo mode icon on the homepage of the website.
This is just an example to illustrate the method of playing and clearing the deposit bonus. Keep in mind that this money is virtual and has no value as such; the currency symbol is being used only to look familiar to players. Traditionally, slot games had limited features.
(f) the applicant complies with the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism legislation and the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005, and with any similar laws of any country or territory outside Jersey in which the applicant will conduct gambling. Keep reading for an in-depth guide on the core rules of blackjack, the differing variants and probabilities of the game, plus the best strategies to defeat the dealer.
You must play confidently if you have a good hand and bet assertively, taking more risk. A transfer to a same stakes game is not allowed if the game being left will then have fewer players than the game being entered. The popularity of no download casinos has exploded up with more people starting to travel either for pleasure or on business trips.

Understanding How Online Casino Tax Works

Once the domain of rich and famous, the baccarat has been brought into homes of people that are not so fortunate courtesy of online casinos. If your 2-1 column bet doesn’t win, you still have a 47% chance of winning on red and thereby breaking even. Other players put large bets in their attempt to get reach faster, but they rarely succeed. In just a few years, the internet has shaped the industry to such an extent that now anyone can log in and bet on their favorite sports teams without even having to leave the house. This is why 50-50 games like that are not offered in casinos. You make an Odds Bet on the Pass Line, and you also make a Come Bet. Slot games are simple to grasp and rather profitable to play.
The code on the end tells the casinos who referred you and they will get a kickback from any losses you incur when playing there. Given that online in-play betting on sports is prohibited in Australia, and this figure was derived the year prior to the introduction of ‘click to call’ in‑play betting products, it is likely that this market is dominated by offshore providers. Others, such as The European Lotteries Association and Scientific Games, do not refer online lotteries to this notion. Even online slots have achieved popularity because of their relatively simple and stress-free procedures.
Play online craps at CoolCat Casino and indulge in the euphoria and thrill that only a craps winning streak can provide. Your original bet after you receive your first two cards. But the bet only pays out 35 to 1, not 37 to 1, so the house wins more often than it loses. Different types of card games with a twist, or a casino game night for fun can be simple ideas to make your party run smooth with a lot of jokes and laughter. Pai Gow Poker is the Chinese Casino game that pits you against the dealer in the ultimate game of skill and chance.
In fact, provided you’re willing to learn about the strategies, Video Poker machines are the ones offering some of the best odds out there. This kind of progressive slot machine comes with a lowest payout. The player can use this information to vary their bet and playing strategy. If you’re currently failing to make a significant profit in sports gambling, the main thing you should try and do is better control your bank account. The introduction of 5 Reels Slots has definitely made online gaming more entertaining and diverse!
The government’s lottery and casino websites are as safe as online casinos can get because they’re run by the local gambling committees and the government themselves. In addition, video slots usually feature bonus rounds and “scatter pays.” Designated symbols trigger a scatter pay if two, three, or more of them appear on the screen, even if they’re not on the same payline. Video Poker is something between a regular Poker (table game) and slots. And for players who love the table games, they also have a super welcome bonus as well.
Live Dealer Casinos in the Philippines – Live Dealer gambling online has become the latest craze in the Internet gambling industry, and the Philippines are no exception to this trend. Ultimate X Video Poker – Ultimate X Video Poker is a multi-hand machine which offers a bonus multiplier. Their popularity is huge, so software providers are not only launching new games regularly, but they are also constantly improving them by adding new features and more chances to win. Where both the player and the dealer hold 4 of a Kind the hand with the higher rank is considered the winner.
Basket bet is a five number bet on zero – double zero and numbers-1-2-3 which pays 6 to 1. On the double zero wheel, it has a house edge of 7.89 percent making it the worst bet in Roulette. One of the newest riverboat casinos is L’Auberge du Lac in Louisiana, a single-level deck, with 30,000 square feet of gambling space, 60 table games, and 1,600 slot machines. Also, with regards to card counting, there are casinos which mess up with card counters by adding more decks of cards in their rotation. Keep in mind that when I say higher house edge”, I mean that you stand little to no chance of winning when you pick one of the other bets.
One of the most talked about books of 2017, Lee’s second novel, a finalist for the National Book Award, is the story of four generations of a Korean family in Japan. Side bets may be laid with or against the shooter, either before he has a point or after. Many people who play online casino games rarely ever see the addiction coming until it is too late. In 1966 he opened the Riverside Casino with 12 slot machines and two playing tables. Next, she’ll make the payouts by putting the winning chips next to the original bets.
Pachinko was first introduced to Japan in the 1920s, but it really took off after World War II when the country’s largest minority group, Koreans, started opening parlors. Any player’s hand that is set incorrectly automatically loses. If the player thinks they have a good chance of beating the dealer, they should bet more. She also loves going to the casino and playing some Blackjack. When the last hand has finished being played, the dealer reveals the hole card, and stands or draws further cards according to the rules of the game for dealer drawing.
home page is one of the few games offered in any casino that is a ‘fair’ game, meaning that the house has no edge when the player uses the Double-Up feature. If the Player beats the Dealer with both hands the Player wins even money. Some tables allow for resplitting aces but it’s rare. The blonde beauty beat out 52 other beauty queens in the pageant’s 90th anniversary held at the Planet Hollywood casino-resort in Las Vegas on Saturday night to take home the title. Otherwise, World Cup 2014: Anti-gambling advert backfires after it correctly predicts Germany to win the World Cup | The Independent would simply make a deposit and withdraw the bonus right away.

The difference with all casinos online

There are so many online casinos online today that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. In fact, many people think that it does not matter which sites you’re playing, but that’s not the case at all. Depending on are playing on, your winning chances can be radically changed, either to the positive or the negative. In this article we review the differences between different online casinos that you can find out there and how it will benefit you to know about these.

Win chances at all casinos online

Depending on the online casino you are playing on, your winning chances can be radically changed. Obviously, obviously, if you play bluff casinos that manipulate their winning chances. They can often do that by using smaller game companies that develop easily-manipulated games, unlike the major game developers who make their games completely based on chance through a random number generator.

Different casinos also have different winning chances that change to a large extent through the games they offer. All games come with a certain winning chance, so a slot machine may be much better for you as a player than others. By reading about different games, you can radically improve your winning chances so you’re more likely to win the big jackpot you’re dreaming about.

Different bonuses and promotions on all casinos online

Different casinos online can have very different bonuses and promotions. Although many have similar types of bonuses, the amounts can differ greatly. Aberdeen director Duncan Skinner fined £1,000 for gambling breach – BBC Sport is the usual deposit bonus you receive as a form of welcome bonus. Joey Barton claims 50% of professional footballers bet on matches – BBC Sport may come with very different amounts, some will provide 100% extra on your deposit, while others may give up to 500%. In some cases, there are even gaming sites that provide even more.

Different casinos also have different campaigns. Some people care more about attracting new players and not giving their faithful existing customers any bonuses at all. You who are loyal to your online casino deserve at least some free spins you can enjoy!

To choose between all casinos online

Choosing between all the different casinos you can find can be difficult. But what one should do is start by looking at their bonuses and games. If they offer good bonuses to you who are a new player, then it’s a good start. But it is also important that their games offer something that you like. Do they have your favorites in slot machines, table games and the like? Bonuses do not matter if the casino is boring to play.

It’s not that hard to find the good casinos among all the ones you must choose from. By choosing the right kind of online casino you not only get a better gaming experience, but you also get a much safer gaming experience. By getting good bonuses you also get a much better start to your gambling than you might have thought before, and it is also important.

Separating all online casinos can be difficult. However, there are big differences in game betting, bonuses and whether they play fun. But here you can learn how to do it.

Roulette Scam – Is it possible to Cheat on Casino Games?

Scams are also every day in casino games. Roulette Scam is one of the most popular cheating methods. In the article, we’ll tell you about cheats.

Cheating attempts are made with profanity and money glitter in the eyes

Roulette Scam is one of the most popular casino jokes. Cheating in casino games is made for winning and, above all, for money. I’m terrified if you are not on your side, and a neighbor is winning this round. Cheats have many ways to make money in your pocket. So, not surprisingly, gambling is casual at casinos, and competition between cheaters and casinos has tightened. However, different control methods and surveillance cameras have made it easier for casino owners to work. In this article we will discuss interesting roulette scams. We only write about it because of general education and we do not encourage anyone to do casino jokes. Casino fraud is comparable to other crimes that are generally punishable.

We present the most common roulette scams

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, so it’s no wonder that roulette methods associated with it have been invented. We will now describe the most common methods used by fraudsters. The most popular methods of scamming are related to chips with the adventure. One of the most common fraudulent methods is to transfer chips to the winning number. The transfer of tokens is done when the correct winning number is known, and the round is over. The way of cheating requires of course the deception of the playwright, the good game eye and the fingers. A cheat may move the chips from the adjacent box to the winning number or take a chip on the sleeve, for example, and place the chip in the winning box. The term "past posting" is used here. play roulette online here refers to the fact that a cash advance is made after the start of the round, when betting on the round that has begun is already forbidden.

"Pinching" is a roulette scrambling technique that seeks to minimize the loss of bigger bets. The player has invested a big amount in the round, but if the player does not win, the cheater tries to minimize the loss by taking some of the gameplay back to himself. This is done, for example, by taking the most precious chip from the stack. The cheating method requires a very good fingerprint and a good status quo.

The "pinching" opposite is again "capping a bet". In this method you are already winning, but you want to win an even bigger amount of money. Scam is accomplished by placing a big chip in the winning box, either by switching a smaller chip to a bigger or by adding a new chip to increase the bet. In this case, your winnings are higher than the starting point.

Other ways that scammers have come up with. A simple way is to spin a little roulette table as the ball spins around the roulette wheel. A small spin removes the ball from the wheel at the desired point and in this way the monetary may be favored. This is claimed to improve the chance of winning. Usually, Joey Barton claims 50% of professional footballers bet on matches – BBC Sport cannot be done alone, but a subversion is needed to complete the scam. Nowadays scammers are also trying to use modern aids to be able to calculate the speed of a ball and the rotation speed of a roulette wheel. However, utilizing these techniques requires the adoption of technology and science, so they may not be the easiest ways to cheat. For some, the use of aids is not a scam, so this has caused differences in interpretation between players and casino owners. In some countries, the use of aids is not strictly forbidden, but their use is not considered good and profits may not be willing to pay for it. Today, casinos are high tech companies where players’ security and comfort are guaranteed. Gwen Stefani takes son Apollo to the park with beau Blake Shelton at making gaming fun, entertaining and meaningful. The aim is to prevent fraud through precise control and staff training. So be honest with the game instructions!

The Most Special Place in Bulgaria: Burgas 



Bulgaria is vast and underappreciated. So, today we have a perfect place for everyone. A historical seaside resort with museums and a massive industrial port. Come here for the Black Sea and beaches, stay for parks and historical landmarks.

OK, I can already hear the uproar that Burgas in not the most special place in Bulgaria. Fine. Let’s settle.  Because it is, and you can’t deny it, a very special place. The coast of the Black sea, the port, summer Sand festivals. That’s hard to compete against for any place further from the shore.

So, whether you have or you haven’t explored inland Bulgaria yet, start with Burgas for the ultimate Bulgarian experience. And here are the best sights to visit.


The Sea Garden

sea garden

The Sea Garden is the crown jewel of Burgas. It’s a beautiful public park with exotic plants from all over the world. If I had to guess, you will probably spend at least 30% of your time in Burgas right here in the Sea Garden


It has sculptures and flora, it has an amazing Summer theatre, the Pantheon and even a marine casino which has been running roulette live for almost 70 years!   


And, also in the Sea Garden you can visit the Sand Fest as well as the Port of Burgas. 

Sand Fest Burgas

burgas sand castles

Sand Fest Burgas in an annual event that attracts thousands of tourists as well as participants from around the world. While the theme for each festival is announced in advance (like ‘Sea World’) watching dozens of sand sculptures gradually appear from a pile of loose sand is a marmorizing experience.  

Port of Burgas

And of course, Burgas being a sea port, there is a lot to explore in that regard.  Don’t think of it as an industrial area packed with cargo ships. The other side of the port is very fitting for tourists who want to explore the Black sea.



Burgas has many museums and attractions to satisfy tourists looking to fill their curiosity cups. But the most recent one is the Aviation museum. Not only do you get the chance to see and learn about the war planes and commercial aircrafts, you can also experience flight firsthand. For this there are virtual reality glasses which allow you to become a pilot of any aircraft you want.


Afraid of heights? That’s completely fine. In Burgas you can also explore the secrets of the underworld in the archeological museum. If you are interested in ancient history, this is a perfect place to do that. Exhibitions include pieces of Ancient Thracia, Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire, first ships to sail the Black Sea and more.


Overall, you are free to experience Burgas as you wish yourself because virtually any attraction or activity you can think if is within the arms reach. Want to watch or participate in sports activities? Great. Want to see sculptures and historical landmarks. That’s perfect too. Interested in architecture? There’s plenty of churches and historical buildings to explore.

There’s just one piece of advice we want to give you before ending. Don’t come here for the weekend. Book a trip for at least a week. We promise, you won’t run out of places to explore even if you try for 7 days straight.    

Life in Bulgaria and my reflections

I am sure that every person who has a website thinks about what to write to him. Even there are some plans, but not me, for I only write about what I see.

Once I found out that my travels and meetings with the Bulgarian have faded a bit, I’m waiting for friends in September. In France, too, this year will not go, although there is still something in the “my mind but France has not yet been written. And not because I stopped loving this country, I just live here, and Bulgaria is worthy of writing about it.

The three-year boundary of my residence here has already been passed, and I received a fourth personal card.

I want to make some small conclusions, and I will start with shortcomings, which I have never written about, because I am used to living in positive and looking for advantages in everything.


1. Bad roads, and I really feel sorry for my car. And they say that they are bad only in Russia. But not all roads are bad, it’s the same as ours. I’ll be fair.

2. Expensive gasoline. A95 – 2.62 lev per liter (more than 1.31 euros).

3. The problem with parking, especially in the center of Varna.

4. Not everywhere is clean, but is it not so in your city? Of course, after the licked France, striking, but plus more. We are clean in the yard and we follow the order ourselves.

5. Slowness of the Bulgarians. Such a mentality. But now I’m so used to it that it does not irritate me anymore.

6. I get nervous sometimes, because if I get sick, I’ll have to pay for everything. But God pardons, and I hope that I will live to a permanent residence when medical insurance will be different. So while I have no experience with local health care. And I know the common cold and how to treat it.

7. Taxi drivers, although they can be understood, because it’s their business. And how do they determine that I’m foreigner? Of course, overestimate the price, but after learning that I live here, reduce to normal. For example, from Alen Mak to the Cathedral, the normal price is 2.5 levs per person.

8. Bulgaria did not join Schengen. And I was hoping. So after the visa with the same name it is necessary to go to Sofia, and this is about Varna far.

9. Roughness, slackness, rudeness and mate in the summer tourist season. Guess from which side the wind! All right! Russians and Ukrainians. Maybe there are more, but so far only these have come up.


bulgarian hospitality

1. The benevolence of the Bulgarians, smiles, hospitality. I did not meet any others. Only one short conversation and not quite pleasant to tell at the end of the article.

2. In local shops Alen Mak and in my favorite collective farm market, I’m almost a relative or a favorite buyer.

3. Telephone company Vivacom gives discounts and even gifts, as a loyal customer.

4. I can play video slots online without having to think about some ridiculous laws now allowing access to them in different countries (Central Europe, pointing at you).

5. Prices in comparison with Khabarovsk are low and on products, and even on clothes. Tourists know about this and buy everything and a lot.

6. You can call and receive any information in your bank and will answer you in a kind voice without nervousness, and at parting wish a good day, an evening and so on.

7. Leaving the car in unorganized parking, if especially narrowly, and leaving it, there will always be someone who will help “taxi out” if necessary, and will not exert pressure on the horn, and demand that they give way. By the way, I leave and I’m not afraid that the brushes will be removed or mirrors …

8. I’m not talking about sunny days.

9. Warm and clean sea in the Kabakum beach area.

10. The purest air in Varna and in my yard with pine trees.

11. Natural and tasty products and so on …

Eternal buzz!

Pluses a lot, just all in the head will not come. The main thing is that it’s quiet here. I wake up, and I’m glad that the new day has begun. That you do not have to run to work, solve numerous problems and so on.


Let’s Have a Vacation in Bulgaria

Holidays in Bulgaria

To enjoy the guaranteed sunsets, warm sea and cozy beaches, head to the Black Sea with more than 300 hours of sunshine in the high season. Safe, crystal-clear and calm waters with low salt content and no dangerous predatory animals are ideal for bathing, swimming and diving. Wide sandy beaches with fine golden sand (378 km) line the picturesque bays that are slowly sloping down the pretty woods. Like the surrounding countryside, the Black Sea itself is unusually rich in natural beauty and contrasts. Wide, open sea and sloping beaches adjoin small romantic bays, high sand dunes, breathtaking walls and cliffs, emerald green bays and fishing villages.

Bulgaria is a diverse, varied, attractive country, untouched natural beauty, an ideal destination for summer or winter holidays and holidays. Bulgaria lies in the heart of the Balkan peninsula. Magnificent nature, temperate climate, warm sea and numerous mineral springs are the real riches of the country. The territory of 111 000 km2 includes both spectacular mountains and wide fertile plains. The capital city is Sofia, the population is about 7.3 million. The highest peak of Bulgaria Musala is located in the Rila Mountains and reaches a height of 2925 meters.

This little country has much to offer to every tourist. Long summer, golden beaches, clean lakes, hot mineral springs, and thousands of historic cities. There are beautiful mountains with excellent conditions for relaxation as well as sports, both in winter and in summer, green valleys with a beautiful scent of roses. Welcome is nice and friendly here. Stay in Bulgaria is financially cheap and even profitable especially if you are occasionally still visit poker room casinos online. Of course, not the whole time during the holidays, but one game here and there while it’s raining can get you more money for the sunny days.

In the north of Bulgaria, the Danube River borders with Romania, and the border with Greece and Turkey is in the south. The eastern shores of Bulgaria are washed by the Black Sea. In the west, the country is neighboring Serbia and Macedonia.

Coast of the Black sea

To enjoy the guaranteed sunsets, warm sea and cozy beaches, head to the Black Sea with more than 300 hours of sunshine during the high season. Safe, crystal-clear and calm waters with low salt content and no dangerous predatory animals are ideal for bathing, swimming and diving. Wide sandy beaches with fine golden sand (378 km) line the picturesque bays that are slowly sloping down the pretty woods. Like the surrounding countryside, the Black Sea itself is unusually rich in natural beauty and contrasts. Wide, open sea and sloping beaches adjoin small romantic bays, high sand dunes, breathtaking walls and cliffs, emerald green bays and fishing villages.

Population and language

The population is about 7.3 million, of which about 1.2 million lives in Sofia. The inhabitants are generally hospitable and hospitable, the Bulgarian language (cyrillic), important inscriptions are in Latin, can speak Russian and world languages. 


The currency unit is 1 Leva, the LV mark (1 LV = 100 cents), banknotes in the value of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 currency is not freely convertible, the exchange is recommended from € or USD, the official rate is about 1 € = 1.95 LV, of course, expect a fee or rate slightly lower at the exchange. Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm In larger tourist centers, ATMs are available 24 hours a day. Major international credit cards are Commonly accepted in large hotels, car rental, some restaurants and shops.


You can see the pharmacy according to the shield with the cross over the entrance and the APTEKA inscription. Some medicines, like us, are available without a prescription, at the appropriate fee.

In case of illness, contact a permanent travel agent delegate or hotel reception. Fees for medical care and medication are paid in cash. That is why it is necessary to count on the financial reserve.

On the basis of a medical report, receipts from a doctor and medicines, the insurance company reimburses you the amount after returning to your country of residence after submitting all the requisites.

Bulgarian Cuisine

The hotels are mostly cooked with international cuisine enriched with Balkan elements. The food is very tasty and varied due to the variety of vegetables, meat, fish and accessories. The most popular meat is chicken, pork and lamb, a wide selection of fish, local meat specialties such as “Kebabčeta”, “Kjufteta” (meatballs) are popular, the meat is grown on the grill (“Skara”), Possibly in the form of snacks and specialties by individual restaurants. Among the favorite attachments is white bread, usually baked and cooked potatoes, rice or pasta. Very popular is the Balkan cheese from sheep’s or cow’s milk “Kaškaval”, similar to hard cheese. Meals are seasoned with vinegar, olive oil, local spices, and garlic is often used. The salad is popular with Sopot, tomato and mixed.

Bulgarians usually start their meal with an aperitif (Mentovka, Mastika, Rakije), while the food is served from a variety of quality Bulgarian wines or beer (Zagorka, Kamenitza, Burgasko).

Bulgarians like food, they like it and especially slowly.