A Weekend In Sofia: What To Do And Places To Visit

So you have planned a trip to Sofia for a weekend. Now you ask yourself, what are the best places to visit? What kind of activities should you do? What history monuments should you visit? Or maybe you are up for some partying, then you probably want to know where are the best clubs in the city. In this article we will answer on all of you questions that you might have about Sofia, where to go and what to visit. So sit back and read through.

Sightseeing in Sofia:

First, you can see a lot of beautiful street art in Sofia. Pretty much every part of the city features some kind of the modern and beautiful street art. So if you are in the street art, well then you should definitely visit Sofia.

Also, Sofia is full of churches and all kinds of monuments and monumental buildings. Every history and architecture junkye will find something for themselves. The most important and impressive buildings in Sofia are Alexander Nevski cathedral wich is a main landmark of the city. Then you have the Russian orthodox church of St. George, also if you fan of the theater then you should visit national theater „Ivan Vazov“. Sveta Sofia is also a church worth of visiting, then you have monument Largo complex, which is beautiful in its own special way. You should definitely visit the national palace of culture and Narodno Sabranie which is a Bulgarian parliament. And believe us, there are many more monuments that are worth of seeing, but there is just too much of them to put in such a short article.

Sofia is well known as a „green capital“. You will find a lot of parks in the city with a beautiful nature. We would recommend you to visit the City garden, you will enjoy the beauty of the nature inside this beautiful park. If you are one of those people who cant live without you phone, you might just enjoy sitting there on the bench and play pay by phone casino.

Also, You should visit the Borisova gradina, in this park you can even find a small lake and many statues of famous Bulgarians, and if you are a fan of the sports, then you will be happy to know that two of the biggest stadiums in the city are located there.

If you want to experience how does the city of Sofia breeds, then you should visit one of the many Cafes that are located in the center of Sofia. That way you will see how people live and interact with one another. You could also go on city tours if you want to learn more information about the city.

Food in Bulgaria is just awesome! It tastes great, it is very affordable and there a lot of foods from which you can choose from. And if you like to party, then you are also in luck, there are a lot of clubs in the center of the Sofia which will accommodate pretty much any musical taste that you might have.

And there you have it, in sweet and short, best things you can do for a weekend in Sofia. We hope that you will find this article informative and helpful. Until the next time.

Bulgaria Creates First “Bionic” Cat

You probably think: „How the hell did they build the first bionic cats??“ Well we will answer that question in this article, and there are two bionic cats, not one.

Two poor stray cats in the Bulgaria had lose their back legs in the accident. Only way to make their life much easier is to create bionic limbs for them.  And they did. This was the first of the kind operation in the Europe outside Great Britain. And for the sake of this poor cats, it was succesfull.

The first cats name is Pooh, which in Bulgarian means „fluff“. And now the Pooh runs around the clinick like any ordinary cat, like the accident never had happened. Only difference between Pooh and any other cat is that Pooh has two tiny polymer-and-rubber paws that are mounted on titanium stems. The person that changed the Pooh`s life was veterinary surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov. He is a first ever veterenary surgeon in Europe that  was able to apply the pioneering metod of Irish neuro-ortopaedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick. He become famous when in 2009. he made Oscar the cat the first bionic cat by giving him a pair of behind legs.

It tooked a month for Pooh to make first steps with his new legs. And vetenerian Zlatinov is very happy with the progress. Now Pooh is able to walk, jump and run, it still looks clumsy, but it is a much, much better then when poor Pooh had no behind limbs. Now only problem presents the danger of possible infection which will pass after the skin grows over exposed bone.

This is why we love modern science. It allows us to help people and animals in the way that was not possible in the past. If Pooh was born 30 years ago and had the same accident then he would probably be dead. But with the progress of the science, we are able to change that. We can help those poor animals to live their lives as best as possible, in some cases like they never had any kind of accident.

Also, this story shows how much we as people care about the animals, how they are part of our lives, they are part of the nature, the same way as we are. If a person hates animals, then we know that there is something wrong with them, especially if they torture the poor animals. That is the reason why we are here, why we good people are here to protect and care about poor animals that don`t have their own home, their own human….we need to show the love to those poor animals and they will repay us with their own love, believe us.

Now, we hope that you liked this short article. That you will find it very interesting. Because this subject definitely was very interesting to write about. And the next time when you see the homeless animal in the street, do whatever you can to help them, how small it could be, it will be enough for them.