The Most Special Place in Bulgaria: Burgas 



Bulgaria is vast and underappreciated. So, today we have a perfect place for everyone. A historical seaside resort with museums and a massive industrial port. Come here for the Black Sea and beaches, stay for parks and historical landmarks.

OK, I can already hear the uproar that Burgas in not the most special place in Bulgaria. Fine. Let’s settle.  Because it is, and you can’t deny it, a very special place. The coast of the Black sea, the port, summer Sand festivals. That’s hard to compete against for any place further from the shore.

So, whether you have or you haven’t explored inland Bulgaria yet, start with Burgas for the ultimate Bulgarian experience. And here are the best sights to visit.


The Sea Garden

sea garden

The Sea Garden is the crown jewel of Burgas. It’s a beautiful public park with exotic plants from all over the world. If I had to guess, you will probably spend at least 30% of your time in Burgas right here in the Sea Garden


It has sculptures and flora, it has an amazing Summer theatre, the Pantheon and even a marine casino which has been running roulette live for almost 70 years!   


And, also in the Sea Garden you can visit the Sand Fest as well as the Port of Burgas. 

Sand Fest Burgas

burgas sand castles

Sand Fest Burgas in an annual event that attracts thousands of tourists as well as participants from around the world. While the theme for each festival is announced in advance (like ‘Sea World’) watching dozens of sand sculptures gradually appear from a pile of loose sand is a marmorizing experience.  

Port of Burgas

And of course, Burgas being a sea port, there is a lot to explore in that regard.  Don’t think of it as an industrial area packed with cargo ships. The other side of the port is very fitting for tourists who want to explore the Black sea.



Burgas has many museums and attractions to satisfy tourists looking to fill their curiosity cups. But the most recent one is the Aviation museum. Not only do you get the chance to see and learn about the war planes and commercial aircrafts, you can also experience flight firsthand. For this there are virtual reality glasses which allow you to become a pilot of any aircraft you want.


Afraid of heights? That’s completely fine. In Burgas you can also explore the secrets of the underworld in the archeological museum. If you are interested in ancient history, this is a perfect place to do that. Exhibitions include pieces of Ancient Thracia, Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire, first ships to sail the Black Sea and more.


Overall, you are free to experience Burgas as you wish yourself because virtually any attraction or activity you can think if is within the arms reach. Want to watch or participate in sports activities? Great. Want to see sculptures and historical landmarks. That’s perfect too. Interested in architecture? There’s plenty of churches and historical buildings to explore.

There’s just one piece of advice we want to give you before ending. Don’t come here for the weekend. Book a trip for at least a week. We promise, you won’t run out of places to explore even if you try for 7 days straight.